Adeline Savy Ceramics


Adeline Savy is an up-and-coming, local ceramic artist from Virden, Manitoba.  Growing up Adeline was happiest when she was creating with her hands but as time went on she put her love of art aside and chose to pursue a degree in psychology.  After graduation Adeline began a family and dedicated her time to staying home with her 2 beautiful children. It wasn’t until the fall of 2018 when Adeline took her first pottery class which completely shifted her perspective on the arts and the viability of making it a part of her everyday life. 

Adeline feels incredibly connected to the natural world and this feeling is amplified when she works with clay. The interplay between earth, air, fire and water in the ceramics making process is one of the things she appreciates most about the medium and can’t help but feel she is the spirit that brings it all together.   

Adeline draws inspiration from the world around her and her daily lived experience. She is drawn to organic textures and forms all the while trying to maintain a sense of structure and stability throughout the piece.  Adeline is also very much inspired by what one might consider life’s oddities and she enjoys incorporating elements into her work that make the viewer take pause and wonder.     

All the pieces she creates are one-of-a- kind and completely made by hand. Some pieces are made on a pottery wheel while others are made using hand building methods and some use a combination of the two techniques. She enjoys combining different mediums such as fiber and metal with her ceramic work to end up with a truly unique product.  She finds making functional art most satisfying and finds something magical about creating things that people not only find beautiful but that can be used in their daily lives.

You can keep up to date with Adeline’s work by checking her out on Instagram @adelinesavyceramics