Aid the Wildlife in Australia 

With the horrendous bushfires happening in Australia billions of animals have been killed, injured, or displaced. There are amazing people in Australia working tirelessly to help these animals, but they are in much need of supplies to do this. The Winnipeg Animal Rescue Craft Group is comprised of anyone who wants to help. We are assisting this group by providing materials and created items to send to Australia to aid in this endeavour.


Arts Mosaic will be acting as a drop off point for materials, yarn, etc. and for completed items. You can drop off items until February 7, after this date all pieces will be taken to the Winnipeg Group to be delivered to Australia.

We will be hosting a crafting/sewing bee January 26 from 1:30-5:00 at the CPR Historic Centre. 

Please bring suplies and material to sew/craft items for this rescue project. A full list of supplies and patterns can be found here:


You are the most wanted! We need bat wraps, pouches for small and medium animals, hanging joey pouches and koala mittens. All of these are in need and can be made with a sewing machine. Hand sewing is not strong enough for what we need.

Hi! We need your birds nest making skills! Crocheted nests of various sizes are needed for orphaned birds. NOTE: Acrylic is completely fine to use for the birds nests.

Bonjour! If you can knit you can make some sweet blankets that'll keep our fellas warm. We have some great knitting patterns that can be whipped up for our joeys and other animals.

How many pouches are needed?
Carers need a constant supply so as many you can make. They will be needed over the next few months and are distributed to carers all around the country.

What sizes should I be making?
All sizes are needed from tiny pouches for sugar gliders all the way to large sizes that fit joeys. Whatever you can make is needed.

What fabrics should I use?
100% natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo. If you are using flannel ensure that it is 100% cotton. Calico is too rough for the animals and the synthetic materials aren’t breathable. Fabrics can be second hand blankets, tote bags etc. but must be cleaned before being sewn. Koala mittens can be made in flannel that is 100% cotton or just cotton.


**Please note: All items MUST be animal hair free! All items must be washed prior to drop off. Please wash them in mild detergent and hot water.**


Please visit and click on patterns to access their list of patterns. These patterns have been approved, please follow them as closely as you can for ultimate success.

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