Glenda Cairns Poirier

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Glenda Cairns Poirier

My paintings are a reflection of living on the prairies and my deep respect for nature. My older work was influenced by my mentorship in the Rural Artists Mentoring Group of which I was a part of in 2003.  I owe much to Faye Jelly, Shirley Brown, and Barb Flemmington and all the other participants for inspiring me to continue to paint.  More recently, I've found my inspiration in travelling through Canada and the United States and visiting many art galleries. I've tried my hand at the traditional painting mediums; watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastel. I enjoy the challenges of drawing figures from life and plein air painting.


I want to thank Arts Mosaic for the opportunity to display my paintings and drawings in their gallery. My wish is for the viewer to perhaps go to a place in their imagination that frees them from their day to day lives and maybe inspire their own creative journey.   

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