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Erickka Patmore

Artist Biography

Erickka Patmore is an emerging multidisciplinary visual artist. She currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, and grew up on a farm by Pipestone, Manitoba. Erickka holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in visual arts, which she obtained from the University of Regina in April 2020. Erickka has exhibited regionally and online, most recently being featured in the online Social Distance Gallery.



Each of the works chosen for this exhibition were created with some regard to COVID-19 in mind, as it turned out to be part of my daily life as I made each of them; in some it was a looming threat that would ultimately change the way the piece was to be originally shown, and in others it was a direct, personal mental health threat I was confronting and dealing with by making the piece.

Many different media were used for each, including oil stick, collage, acrylic and oil paint, multiple forms of printmaking, installation, and paste-ups. This experimentation and variance also shows in my subject matter, as rather than restricting myself to a few ideas, I used my artwork as a fluid way to speak my mind about whatever was affecting me, creating a visual journal about my pandemic experience in hindsight. The small, personal details that reflect the vulnerable parts of the messages in these works are hidden to varying degrees, encouraging viewers to spend time with each piece and try to work out the details.

When beginning a work, I like to freely brainstorm, allowing all possible ideas relating to a certain concept I want to tackle out of my head and onto paper. After reading and thinking, I let her instinctive side lead the way, using the brainstorm notes as a springboard. My style is generally messy, disorganized and chaotic, but this also varies, sometimes within the same piece.

Through this exhibition, it is my goal that my work allows viewers to relate in some way and therefore feel comfortable sharing their experiences, good or bad, regarding the health crisis the world has experienced. It is my belief that open and honest conversation is among the healthiest ways to resolve conflict, and by showing my personal struggles, which have arisen from living alone  during stay-home orders, I will show others that it is okay to do the same.



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