MB Mural Mosaic Project


In celebration of Manitoba's 150th, Arts Mosaic is spearheading a mural project to celebrate the impact rural communities and artists have made on the province of Manitoba.

Mural space has been made available in the communities of Virden, Elkhorn, Reston and Oak Lake. Each space is on a building that makes an impact in their community in their own unique way.

The artists have been selected, stay tuned for updates as this project progresses.

Mural Locations

Virden - Gopher Creek Coffee Company

Gopher Creek Coffee Company is a small bistro set in downtown Virden, located at 143 Nelson Street W.

The space that has been made available is the wall on the alley on the side of the building.

The wall has been painted white, and has a door and an air conditioner to be incorporated into the mural.

The dimensions are 55 feet wide and 14 feet high (these are estimated measurements).

Please see the images in the gallery to the left.

Reston - 'The Watering Hole'

The spot that has been made available in Reston is commonly referred to as ‘The Watering Hole’.


This shack on the golf course serves as a literal watering hole for golfers during the summer and fall months.


The building is made out of plywood, which has been painted white with blue trim. The shack measures 8 feet 17 inches tall, 93 inches deep and 116 inches wide.


Please see the images in the gallery to the left.

Oak Lake - Oak Lake Community School

The space that has been made available in Oak Lake is a wall(s) on the Oak Lake Community School.

The Oak Lake Community School has several murals that have been created on the inside of the school. This space is between the school and the day care building.


The walls are concrete. The north wall measures 36 feet wide and ranged in height from 12 to 14 feet. The east wall is 88 feet long and 10 ½ feet high.

Please see the images in the gallery to the left.

Elkhorn - Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum

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