MB Mural Mosaic 

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    Elkhorn, MB

    The Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum in Elkhorn pays homage to it's founder and the RM of Wallace-Woodworth

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    Oak Lake, MB

    A wall at the Oak Lake Community School is a celebration of the RM of Sifton and the Ox Cart Trail.

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    Reston, MB

    Celebrate the vibrancy and history of the RM of Pipestone at 'The Watering Hole' at the Reston Golf Course.

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    Virden, MB

    The history and foundation of the Town of Virden is celebrated on the side of the Gopher Coffee Company.


Whitney Paul-Joseph was the artist chosen to create the mural in the community of Reston. Whitney is an art teacher in Redvers, who lives in Sinclair. She has been an educator for 11 years, and teaches art classes and runs art camps in her spare time. Whitney chose to showcase the landscape and environment of Southwest Manitoba. Her preferred subject when painting is nature and natural elements. She loves creating art, teaching others about art, and being able to share her passion about the art world through experience and conversation.

Erica and Mary Lowe were chosen to create the murals in the communities of Elkhorn, Oak Lake and Virden. This mother-daughter mural team are local, professional artists who excel at painting realism, historical imagery and creatively playing with the beauty of nature. Mary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba. Her work has been selected for various juried art shows in Manitoba and Alberta. Erica is a Mural Painter and Art Teacher. She graduated from Brandon University with a Creative Arts degree after studying both in Winnipeg and Brandon.

The mural in Elkhorn, MB is on the Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum, and was funded by the Elkhorn and Area Foundation and the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth. Paint was provided by Home Hardware Virden. The mural is a celebration of Isaac Clarkson. “Ike” to his hundreds of friends, had a boyhood dream of being able to collect and display for future generations some of the machines of his youth; here, the dream came true. A museum was opened in 1967 and he continued to work on the cars until his passing in 1971 at the age of 58.


The mural in Oak Lake, MB is on the Oak Lake Community School, and was funded by the Oak Lake and Area Foundation. Paint was provided by Home Hardware Virden. The mural has an educational component, and will serve to celebrate and explore the history of the Ox Cart Trail. Resources and images were gathered from the book Ox Cart Trail to Blacktop, and the mural is based on the belief that it is important for people to know as much as possible of their own history.


The mural in Reston is on ‘The Watering Hole’ on the Reston Golf Course. This shack has seen better days, but was the perfect location for this mural to find its home. The mural is a vibrant celebration of the prairie landscape in the RM of Pipestone, and perfectly reflects the beauty of the landscape that gives it shelter.


Gopher Creek Coffee Company is home to the mural in the Town of Virden, and a conversation between the owners and the administrator of Arts Mosaic Inc. is what brought this MB Mural Mosaic project to life. The mural is a reflection of the industry, people and landscape that brought life into this community. The mural brings together the history and vibrancy of the prairies into a collage bursting with color and life. This mural was funded by the Town of Virden and the Virden and Area Foundation. Paint was provided by Home Hardware Virden.



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